Career and Leadership Development Events (CDEs and LDEs)

Career and Leadership Development Events (CDE and LDEs) are competitions that allow students to gain technical skills that are applicable to multiple career fields. Competitions can be both broad and specific to individual fields.

Career Development Events (CDEs):

Agricultural Mechanics

Environmental and Natural Resources 

Farm and Agribusiness Management


Marine Sciences* 

Veterinarian Sciences 


Leadership Development Events (LDEs):

Creed Speaking

Extemporaneous Speaking

Job Interview 

Parliamentary Procedure

Prepared Speaking

Conduct of Chapter Meetings


General Rules-

Farm Business Management tests  will be sent out to a proctor prior to state convention.
Each chapter can have up to a four person team for all team events except Marine Technology which has three for each practicum area below.
Top four scores will count for Veterinary Science, Environmental & Natural Resources, Agriculture Mechanics, Floriculture, Farm Business Management 
If you do not have a full team there will also be individual awards for participants.
*this event is not a national event, rules and guidelines are to be created by state officials.

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