Meet our 2018-19 State FFA Officer Team!

Hello FFA-ers! Once again, we are going to have yet another epic year together! As a team we are so excited to serve you as state officers. We are honored to be blessed with these positions and we will try our very best to serve Alaska FFA to the highest standards. Here are some excerpts of each officer, what their SAE is, what they are especially looking forward to this coming year, and a bit about them.

Cody Meyer, age 19:

    Hello Alaska FFA! I am from the North Pole Chapter and have been a member and chapter officer for the past 5 years. I have had various SAE’s from market poultry, sheep, and goat, to Reindeer production and sheep breeding. I also enjoy riding horses, hunting, and fishing in my free time!                                                                                                                     This year, I am beyond honored and excited to serve as the 2018-2019 Alaska FFA State President! One of my goals for this year is to see a larger number of Alaska FFA members attending national convention so that they can experience all of the great potential that FFA can hold in their lives and the importance of Agriculture. Another goal of mine is to advocate for FFA and agriculture myself, and help others become advocates themselves! I cannot wait to get to know each and every one of Alaska FFA members and look forward to a great year!

Brandon Traini, age 17:

    Hello everyone! I am currently the Vice President Secretary of the Alaska FFA Association. A brief introduction about my self; I currently reside in my home town of Wasilla, Alaska. Some of my hobbies and passions include fishing, hunting, public speaking, and of course FFA! My current SAE involves me working part time as a cook, preparing and serving food. As the State Vice President/Secretary, I look forward to serving along with my fellow FFA officers to ensure a brighter future for Alaska FFA through hard work and dedication. My overall goal is to have a stronger Alaskan FFA through increased numbers, greater involvement, as well as a larger impact on our local communities. 

Jasmine Moyer, age 17

Hey Alaska FFA!! I am so excited for to serve y’all this year as your state treasurer! My biggest goal this year is to welcome as many new members and chapters this year as possible. I cannot wait to meet, teach, and learn with y’all during this next year! So, you might want to know a bit about me! I’m a senior in high school this year, I have been in Alaska and a part of FFA since 2014, my SAE is a rabbit breeding where I breed Flemish giants for profit as well as American blues and cross breeds for meat. In my free time (if that exists) I like to knit, crochet, read or spend time with my beloved husky Koda. Now that y’all know a little bit about me, I cannot wait to meet you during our district leadership schools and district competitions.


Skye Reimers, age 17:

Hello Alaska FFA! I am originally from the Midnight Sun FFA Chapter (MatSu). I am so excited and about being the Alaska State FFA Reporter! I have been involved FFA for 5 years now. The first convention I went to (Ignite-2014) really changed my perspective on agriculture.                                                                                                                                                     I am also in 4-H. I have been raising and auctioning a market project for the last 5 years. My current SAE is Beef. This year I am raising my 2nd black Angus steer named “Optimus Prime.” Currently I live on a ‘micro-farm’ and we have 2 Suffolk ewes, 2 adorable lambs, 1 dog, 8 chickens, 2 market steers, 1 Arabian horse, and 2 show rabbits. I really enjoy meeting new people, drawing, making videos, and listening to some good music. One of my goals for this year through FFA is to instill hope and purpose into students who aren’t so sure what they’re going to do for their future career-whether its Ag-related or not. I want to get the word out there (AG-vocate) that FFA is fun and you can join even if you are not interested in agriculture. To be honest, if I was asked to describe myself in one word, it would be weird. (:


In the picture below: (Left to right) State President: Cody Meyer from the North Pole FFA Chapter. State V. President/Secretary: Brandon Traini from the Palmer FFA Chapter. State Treasurer: Jasmine Moyer from the Midnight Sun FFA Chapter. State Reporter: Skye Reimers also from the Midnight Sun FFA Chapter.

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