Delegate Issues are Live!

Today the Delegate Issues for the 2013 Alaska FFA State Convention went live on our website.  Make sure your chapter prints off copies of each issue and discusses it thoroughly at your next chapter meeting.   This year, chapters will have an opportunity to present written testimony to the delegate committee at state convention as they deliberate whether these issues should pass into Alaska FFA law.  Your input is important!

Chapters should discuss:
– How will this issue affect our chapter?
– How will this issue affect our state association?
– Does my chapter support this issue? Why or why not?
– How do we want our chapter delegates to represent our chapter at state convention in regard to these delegate issues?
– What questions do we have about these issues? Who can answer them?

We look forward to receiving feedback from chapters and advisors on these delegate issues, and seeing them deliberated at state convention!
Also, check out the delegate page for more information about the issues and why they were written (Letter to Advisors), as well as information about what delegates do and how to serve as one for your chapter (What Does it Mean to be a Delegate?).

Let us know your thoughts

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