Alaska FFA State Officers Take-Off: Delta Junction FFA Chapter

State Officer Take-off Report: Delta Junction

In January 2013, Alaska FFA State Officers Mya Schmitt and Brittany Jones were able to visit the Delta Chapter for their annual chapter take off. Delta had everything planned out for us. When we gave our workshops, when they had activities for us already planned. The members even joined us in visiting the class rooms during school hours and giving presentations! The class room presentations where a lot of fun because then the students could actually connect with their own chapter members instead of just two strangers they didn’t know.

After school, we got a chance to meet with all of Delta’s awesome members and do the actual take-off. There where almost 20 students there! A lot of them where new and came because of the successful class room presentations. We created trail mix using parliamentary procedure. We even did a really exciting relay race of who could put on Alaska winter clothes and take them off the fasted. This take off was so great that they even had the local news paper come and cover the event. We had such a blast at their take-off and can’t wait to see everyone at state conventions.

Big thanks to the Delta Junction FFA Chapter for hosting our state officers!

-Mya Schmitt Alaska FFA State Sentinel
-Brittany Jones Alaska FFA State Vice President

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