Alaska FFA State Officer Report: Hawaii State Convention!

Last week, Alaska FFA State Officers Mya Schmitt and Traven Apiki had the opportunity to visit Hawaii for their 2013 State Convention.  Here’s their report:

Hawaii was an amazing opportunity to broaden our horizons concerning other association’s state conventions. We had a blast and were able to take part in an extremely fun state convention down in Hawaii. The Hawaii FFA Association has around 300 members with about 100 of them attending the state convention. Chapters from four different islands came together on the Big Island for the convention in Hilo. For two and a half days, state convention activities took place all over the University of Hawaii at Hilo, activities that allowed the students to have fun, learn all about FFA, and think about their future. There was a lot of activities both before and after the state convention as well. We were able to tour half of the big island with the Pahoa chapter, a chapter native to the island and on the tour we were able to tour the Mauna Loa macadamia nut plant, see a sea turtle, and visit an amazing candy store. Overall, everything in Hawaii was a blast and we are so glad we were able to attend.

We’re excited to see everyone at Alaska’s 2013 state convention!

Mya & Traven

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