State Convention

2015 State Convention to be held in Anchorage, AK April 21-25 at Changepoint Church and host hotel is the Dimond Center!

2015 Convention registration Form

Find the rules for all CDE events with the links below.  

If your students are participating in Floriculture they will also need to sign up for the Job Interview CDE as their score for job interview will be used in Floriculture.

Farm Business Management tests will be sent out to a proctor prior to state convention.

Each chapter can have up to a four person team for all team events.  Top four scores will count for Vet. Sci., Floriculture and Farm Mgmt.  Top 3 scores for Ag. Mech. If you do not have a full team there will also be individual awards.

Please check back for updates on Parli. Pro. & Star Greenhand.

Vet Science CDE

Floriculture CDE

Ag Mechanics CDE

Farm Business Management CDE

Prepared Speaking CDE

Job Interview CDE

Extemporaneous CDE


General Information Links   Alaska FFA Marine Technology Competition Tools of the trade
Each of the individual practicum areas and all study materials except the equipment from the study kit are provided  on the links below:
FISHERIES   Salmon anatomy Net mending Knot tying Fisheries questions and answers.docx Dichotomous Key to Pacific Salmon Identification Ammortization table for question 3
Oceanography   Calibrating and using a salinity refractometer Estuary mixing Pacific oyster anatomy dissection guide Procedure for counting zooplankton Using the Flashcards Phytoplankton fash cards Zooplankton flashcards
AQUACULTURE   Counting salmon eggs volumetrically Indentifying and a method for measuring oyster quality Juvenile salmon identification Loading equation Performing a Fish Autopsy Pipers Load Factor


Envirothon Event

Information for the Envirothon

is at Event Information
Event Registration forms are at
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